“Resentment” — by Levi the Poet

We all go through some real tragedies in life, and all of us experience death at some point. Levi knows this maybe more than most. This video was a real attempt to capture the tension between hope and despair, and the redemption we can receive at the Cross of Christ. Here’s a foreword that Levi wrote about this poem:

In some ways, it is a tale of the coming of age. A series of memories and the time that was and is no more. In other ways, it is the hope of a time to come. Time redeemed.

Throughout the years, I have done a marvelous job of exemplifying suffering, and I would like to better exemplify celebration. It is good and fine to be real and honest with one another. I have always been an advocate for transparency, especially in a world where we can hardly differentiate between what is an excellently colored mask worn in public, and the true pigment of our fellow man. That extends beyond the walls of the church and “Christian culture”. Pain is real. Universal. We are weathered beneath its weight.

More real than suffering is our Suffering Servant, our reason for rejoicing in the midst of our entropy. Praise be to God for his son, Jesus Christ, who has defeated sin and death, Satan, his works and effects, at the tree on Golgatha.

If we build a house together, let its foundation not only be the sympathy we have for one another as broken people, but constructed with the wood of that gory cross, predicated upon the grace of Christ’s selfless, celebratory sacrifice, that which makes broken people whole.

If I have any reason to sing, it is by the grace of Jesus. If I have any reason to celebrate, it is by the grace of Jesus. If I have any reason to dance, it is by the grace of Jesus. May the hope of the cross be a catalyst for your joy.

Praise be his name. Jesus Christ is alive.

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“Unseen” — by Salomon Ligthelm

I was introduced to Salomon’s work in 2011, right after he made his video “Four Hundred Years“. It was spectacular, and I about lost my mind when I found out that he basically makes his videos by himself: directs, films, scores, and adds the sound design. He is in my opinion, the most talented (small budget?) filmmaker on the planet. I really hope to meet him someday. Until then, enjoy his work and leave him a good comment.

What is SmartPay?

SmartPay Merchant Services hired Minds Eye Studios to create an animated infographic to help promote their new merchant service business. This is my second attempt at a purely mograph style of animation in After Effects. Logo and web design was by Asher Barrett of Minds Eye Studios.



WEX 2011 Conference Open

So, this was really fun. I don’t know how to use Cinema 4D or anything, so unfortunately none of this is 3d. And if you regularly visit blogs like Video Copilot and Greyscale Gorilla, you’ll probably see some obvious inspiration. But I think it came out ok.

This is the open for Victory Christian Center’s annual conference, Word Explosion.